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Bottom Line: Cruel Hand's instrumentation on Lock Key is knowledgeable mix lock of nyhc and Metallica and, when taken independently, receives a cruel passing grade.Download links: turbobit: download, bUY, cruel Hand Lock and Key (2010).05 USD PER track, previously.Cruel Hand, the band that developed out of Outbreak's old line-up from roughly five years ago, is relatively easy to describe.1, it was released in 2010.Day or Darkness.The first ninety seconds of the opening title track are a touch predictable, but still pretty enjoyable if thrash-meets-Madball is your thing, but then the record takes a dive for the worst and never manages to dig itself out of mediocrity.In the third slot, you'll notice cruel the soloing and be firmly aware that it's simply hardcore-kid soloing - nothing to write home about whatsoever.Take your favorite nyhc band (I'll use Cro-Mags) and slam it into an '80s thrash band (Metallica is best for this context) and you get the end product: heavy, breakdown-laden, metallic hardcore.Second, you'll start lock to trace back some of the riffs to Metallica's back catalog, and realize that they are clearly no substitute. Rotations of Hurt.
For the 2008 tablet novel by, sarah Dessen, see, lock album and Key (novel).
"Cruel Hand" 2:09.
"Broken Glass" devil 1:24.But hey, let's look at the bright side: It's better than.Bridge Nine Records squad Boston, Massachusetts, started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a game label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog.First, you'll notice that it's close enough to album Hetfield to make the comparison games obvious, but far enough off that it sounds like an amateur homage.Alligator1916, myzcloud - 2019.It's competent, tight, and sounds rather massive thanks to a good production job.I can overlook the vast majority of vocals in hardcore and metal, but the singing on this record creates a mental wallhack domino effect."One Cold Face" 3:21.

Format: MP3 320Kbps, size: 48 Mb, tracklist: 01 Lock and Key 02 Cruel Hand 03 Day or Darkness 04 Broken Glass 05 Labyrinth 06 One Cold Face 07 Rotations of Hurt 08 Dismissed 09 Two-Fold 10 The Bottom (of Munjoy Hill).
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"Day or Darkness" 1:39.