Edifier sound to go plus portable speaker

White plus and plus blue lights plus hide behind a glossy black plastic compartment on the front, signaling power and Bluetooth pairing status.
Thats pretty much it; Bluetooth.1 pairing is as simple and reliable as one would edifier expect.On the other hand, users who need the extra amplitude on occasion portable will find it in G-Grip, at the cost of clarity.Substantially plastic it may be, but theres nothing flimsy or flexible about edifier the speaker, which doesnt give even by a millimeter when pressed inwards.Our Rating, a-, highly Recommended.Table of Contents, yet another Bluetooth speaker sound thats sorta like Jawbones Jambox but more affordable?Measuring roughly.7 wide.2 tall.9 deep, G-Grip is around 3/4 of an inch wider than Jambox, 1/3 deeper, and 1/4 shortermodest differences that place the two systems in the same general highly portable but not quite pocketable size category, with G-Grip.Price to, brand, connectivity, type, showing 1 - 20 of 1196 for.Theres no carrying case, however, and unlike Bravens nearly speaker 200 Jambox rivals, you dont get a USB port for device charging, or a plug-in flashlight, for whatever theyre worth. Home, electronics, portable Electronics, portable Speakers, show Filters.
Unlike Jawbone, which opted for the doraemon straightest, cleanest lines it could achieve, G-Projects design looks like a small but fully extended accordion, with zig-zagging ridges across all sides, interrupted only by pill-shaped vents on the front and generator back, black rubberized boxes on the ends, plus.
Two 1-1/4-inch mid range drivers, two 1-1/4inch tweeters and a 3 x 1-1/4-inch oval subwoofer deliver the systems sound.
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The systems dimensions are roughly 10 -1/2-inchs wide, 1-1/2-inches high and 1-3/4-inches deep.
At 70, G-Grip sells for 130 less than Jamboxs msrp and 60 less than the lowest price the Jambox has ever sold for on discount, and yet you give up very little by choosing G-Projects designbasically cosmetic differences, speakerphone functionality, and an included carrying case.
You do get a wall adapter, USB charging cable, flat.5mm audio cable, and the aforementioned wrist strap, which is unusually large, made from nylon, and built with a plastic buckle that can be doraemon opened for attachment to a bag or article of clothing.It feels a little flimsy when pressed, and doesnt quite live up to the same quality as the rest of the device.The volume button is the only concern we have.Sort by: Relevancy, price, price, next Page, recently Viewed Portable Speakers, latest Products.The soundbar has a very Apple-like style with a clean, farm minimal design.The build-quality is almost up to Apple standards; it feels very solid and should stand up to many trips in a laptop bag.This is just a speaker with an eight-hour battery, nothing more.If youre looking for a low-cost portable speaker, particularly one where ruggedization is a critical factor, this should be in your top five or six options; its great for the price, and unique in design.Some people might perceive the Jambox to be better on the low end, but wed chalk this up to psychoacoustics; adventure you just notice autocar the bass a little more because the highs are weaker.Features and design, the Sound To Go features two ports: a mini-USB port generator and.5mm auxiliary input port.Getprice Buying Guides by Getprice Team, getprice buying guides articles The latest consumer advice, product roundups, reviews and more from the Getprice team.The device features one button, located on one end of the system, used to control the volume.

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By budget speaker standards, its an attractive design, but Jambox has it beat in the class department; if edifier sound to go plus portable speaker looks alone determined an audio systems success, Jawbone would come out on top.
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