Php redirect code 301

Once in place, this code (either method) will redirect the redirect visitor to the address specified in the third line.
If you code want to load test redirect a server, you can use ab which comes with apache, or httperf if you are looking for a more robust testing tool.
Once in place, this code will redirect the visitor from the location code listed first to the location listed second.Alternately, this snippet may be consolidated into code a single line as follows:?php header Location: d/new/location true, 301?RewriteCond http on, rewriteRule (.C RewriteEngine On RewriteCond http_host (www.Note that code the first location is specified relative to the root directory (i.e., the directory in which the htaccess file is found whereas the second location is specified as the complete URL).Txt NC RewriteRule 1 redirect L RewriteCond http_host!m RewriteRule (.ref"?".ref; header http/1.1 301 Moved Permanently header Location: f exit?Edit that address to match the redirect target and youre all set.Here is an example of one of the most frequently asked PHP/htaccess-related questions I receive here code at Perishable Press: How do I redirect a specific page/URL using PHP/htaccess?RewriteCond https!on RewriteRule (.RewriteCond request_URI (.?) RewriteRule.* ml R301,L RewriteRule (.ref'?'.ref; header http/1.1 301 Moved Permanently header Location: f exit? Permanent (301) Redirect via PHP, to permanently redirect a page via PHP, place this redbox code before all other content (i.e., at the very kshownow top of the document?php / Permanent 301 Redirect via PHP header biology http/1.1 301 Moved Permanently header Location: d/new/location exit?
Note: when placed full in a header file that full is office included in multiple web pages, this code will redirect all of them to the specified address.
Search engines like 301 redirects better than a 404 or some other type of client side redirect, no worries there.
End Ruby on Rails def do_something headers"Status" "301 Moved Permanently" redirect_to "m end.
NC, rewriteRule dir/p /new/sef/?
RewriteEngine On RewriteCond redbox http_host RewriteRule (.
set host_without_www 1; rewrite (.This version is a very common method of permanently redirecting single pages.RewriteCond request_filename!-d RewriteCond request_URI (.So common is this inquiry that I have decided to just post a quick, one-minute tutorial describing the technique.script type"text/javascript" if (screen.RewriteBase / RewriteCond request_filename!-f RewriteCond request_URI!(.# begin WordPress IfModule mod_rewrite.

Permanent (301) Redirect via htaccess, this one is php redirect code 301 even easier.
RewriteCond server_port!443 RewriteRule (.